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What’s new at KIDE?  For one, for us this is a new website system

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Sheriff’s meeting audio here

Sheriff presentation, picture by Joy Hostler

In our downloads area, Local News find the two hour live recording of the October 6, 2015 public meeting held by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office regarding the suspension of their memorandum of understanding with the Hoopa Valley Tribe.

Hoopa Valley High School Varsity Football 

Tune in for the next Hoopa Valley High School Warrior Varsity football game with our sports announcer Jack Jackson. The St Bernard’s Crusaders come to Pritchard’s Field October 9th. Game time 7:30 pm.

Hoopa Valley Tribe General Meeting,

this meeting is open to all

Saturday, October 10th, we are broadcasting the next Hoopa Valley Tribal General Meeting starting at 10:00 am. With the help of the Hoopa Valley Tribe’s IT, we are adding an audio Youtube

The public is welcome to call-in questions and comments at 2:00pm when the council opens the meeting for public input. Please use a land line phone for better sound quality.  Please be aware there is a 20 second time lag over Youtube, we request you take your answer over-the air.  The toll free number to call for is 844-264-KIDE, that’s 844-264-5433.

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Mission Statement:

KIDE is in the business of promoting Social Change and advocating Environmental Justice. KIDE programming and outreach activities encourage a healthy quality of life. As a Native owned radio station KIDE has a special responsibility to reflect the values of Native culture and address Native and tribal issues, while still serving listeners from all parts of the local community.

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