2011 12 19 Tar Sands and Indigenous Rights

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2011 12 19 Tar Sands and Indigenous RightsUnder the Keystone XL plan, pristine boreal forests in Canada will be clearcut and stripmined for tar sand. That tar sand will be melted into oil, causing significant greenhouse gas emissions, then transported from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico, where most of it will be sold on international markets. Millions of endangered caribou, ducks and songbirds, and more than 70 American rivers and streams are at risk.

The House of Representatives tacked a rider forcing the pipeline to be built to a bill preventing a tax hike on the middle class. Now it’s the Senate’s turn to act. They need to hear from you to take this arbitrary handout to the oil industry off the payroll tax bill.

President Obama has already threatened to veto any bill with the Keystone rider attached. Don’t sacrifice millions of American families just for the one company that will operate the Keystone XL.

2011 12 19 Tar Sands and Indigenous Rights

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