Grants from Government and Private Sources

KIDE-FM is the first Native owned and operated community radio station in California. We were the first solar powered radio station in California. We are still the only Native owned solar powered radio station in the nation.



KIDE fostered the endeavor to create a Business Plan for what became the 7 Rivers Radio Network. The 7RRN is the collaboration of four independent community radio stations, three in Humboldt County and one in Mendocino County that agreed to simulcast special live broadcasts on important social, environmental, transportation, health or housing issues that are in common in our North coast bioregion.

KIDE is fostering the creation of the first California Tribal Radio Network. The FCC has recently awarded FM radio licenses to two other California Tribes. The Karuk Tribe will have two radio stations in their territory, and the Pala band of Mission Indians will have one radio station in their territory. KIDE will uplink our broadcast to satellite so the three new stations can download and repeat the KIDE programming during the majority of their broadcast time. This action reduces the overhead of the new respective stations and expands the coverage area of KIDE.

CTRN is an opportunity for more Native California tribes people and tribal community people to add their voice to the public airwaves. The operation of the networked stations allows the three tribes to share daily news features, cultural folkways, and creative storytelling. Being able to tell ones’ own story is an act of tribal sovereignty.



KIDE-FM is dedicated to improve the quality of life in eastern Humboldt County. We foster social justice and advocate for environmental justice. We are involved with the well being of the community that sustains us. We reach out to community members giving workshops on how to use the media; how to do professional interviews and how to use KIDE as a tool for social marketing to advocate for positive change.

Your foundation grant or private donation keeps the efforts of KIDE-FM progressive in action and character.

Contact Joseph Orozco, Station Manager at 530-625-4245 ext 103