Solar Powered Tribal Community Radio – First in California

Location of KIDE

KIDE is located in the Hoopa Valley Shopping Center next to the post office in downtown Hoopa. Regular business hours are Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm.

PO Box 1220
Hoopa CA 95546
(530) 625-4245

Community of KIDE

Located in the isolated areas of Northern California.  The Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation lies between two mountain ranges that create a beautiful valley. It is 12 miles long and five miles across at the greatest expanse with the emerald green Trinity River that flows north through the community.

To reach the community, you must drive along a narrow road that hugs a mountain range 300-600 feet above the Trinity River on the valley floor. Hoopa is the gateway to tribes of the region that include the Yurok and Karuk. They are nestled along the river and on the mountain sides in villages named Pecwan, Weitchpec, Orleans and Happy Camp. To the south is Willow Creek, a small multi-cultural village. This is the territory of KIDE, community radio.

KIDE is the first Solar Powered NCE Radio station in California.

KIDE broadcast is 24/7 and streams on the internet Live.

History of the KIDE Call Letters

K’IDE is a word in the Hupa language. It is an antler that is taken off the deer and used as a tool or it is decorated.

We needed a four letter word that started with “K” to be used for the radio station Call Letters. The Call Letters of this radio station were chosen by a Fourth Grade Hupa Language class in 1977.

KIDE has been a tool for the community since December 16, 1980.

Staff Members

Michael Heminger: Station/Operations Manager, Email:

Coty Yarbrough: Office Manager, Email:

Vacant: Satellite/DAD Coordinator, Email:

Joseph Orozco: Lead Producer:

Maurice Yarbrough: PSA / Website Coordinator:



Hot Rod DJ

Host-Rodney “Hotrod” Donahue, DJ — Program: “Rez Rock on the Riv”

Host-Michael Heminger, DJ — Program: “Groove Cycle”

Sport Casters:

On Hold until new sport-caster-engineering teams are trained

Local Programs:

Production Post by Joseph R. Orozco

The Friday Edition: by Joseph Orozco

CA NDN Headlines/Friday Edition: by Joseph Orozco

Hoopa Valley Tribal Council meetings: Produced/engineered by Michael Heminger

Office of Emergency Service/COVID-19 Update: Greg Moon, Host, Co-host/engineer Michael Heminger, Production Assistance Joseph Orozco

Rez Rock on the Riv with Rodney, “Hotrod” Donahue

Groove Cycle with Michael Anthony (He does not use his real name on the air)

Live coverage of tribal/community events, by KIDE Staff and volunteers.