KIDE-FM is an entity of the Hoopa Valley Tribe of California. In 1978 the Hoopa Valley Tribe along with ninety-eight other tribes applied for one of sixteen set aside licences for Native American tribes and communities. KIDE-FM became the first Native American owned and operated non-commercial eduational FM station in California. The Hoopa Valley Tribe is the licensee. The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council is the trustee of the license and the Board of Directors to KIDE-FM.

KIDE often co-produces programs about Native California with the group Northern California Cultural Communications, or NC3. NC3 is the first Native owned non-profit media production house in Hoopa, California. The programs feature the voices and stories of contemporary Native people of California, telling how their lives have been shaped by history, their traditional values and their land.

KIDE has participated with the CIMC program when there was a field office in Hoopa. CIMC had youth and young adult placements in KIDE. Local people received work experience in radio. The Sacramento CIMC office invited KIDE manager, Joseph Orozco to share insights in doing community based businesses on a reservation. Some topics covered were operating a radio station with no paid staff for two years, to assisting with local agriculture projects, to fostering wireless broadband service for the community. CIMC invited Mr. Orozco as one of their Native American Entrepreneur Training staff. “I think this is an important program for California Indians.” Orozco said. “Our local economies will depend on more local entrepreneurs because large scale tribal operations that are resource extraction based more often than not make more money for off reservation companies not owned by tribes.”

KIDE is a long time member of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. NFCB is a community radio membership organization with more than 300 member stations and agencies. NFCB offers special training opportunities for stations and represents community radio on Capitol Hill.

KIDE is a charter member of Native Public Media (NPM), which is distinguished by their commitment to community voices, open discourse and public service. NPM promotes Native media to Washington and to key stakeholders to ensure that new and evolving policies take into account the national need for Native-owned noncommercial community media. Thus, NPM helps to promote civic participation and an engaged democracy.

KIDE is the second Native owned radio station in the nation to carry Democracy Now! and to be a member of the Pacifica Radio Foundation. Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman has acknowledged KIDE as an important media affiliate.

KIDE is an affiliate of Native Voice One; the satellite service for Native Radio across the nation and around the world through online web-casting. KIDE uses NV-1 for the daily NAC and National Native News programs and the overnight service of UnderCurrents; a music entertainment feature.

KIDE has aired Native America Calling since its inception. NAC has carried important program discussions about Native community social justice issues, health, environment and current events. KIDE has assisted in the production of two NAC shows about the great fish kill in the Klamath River Basin. This event occured due to large water diversions to Central Valley farms at a time when the Salmon were spawning. Clips from the NAC discussion were used in the KIDE co-production of Dying for Water, Indians, Politics and Dead Fish in the Klamath River Basin.

KIDE is a Corporation for Public Broadcasting member station. As such, KIDE receives a major portion of the operating funds. CPB funding pays a large part of the satellite programming and much of the KIDE station operations. The Hoopa Valley Tribe as the license trustee provides the full time managerial staff wages.

KIDE is the first Native Station affiliate of Public Radio International (PRI) to carry their new morning news program “The Take Away”. We currently use the first hour that we time shift to 8am Pacific. We hope to build into a partnership for future Native news programs or segments. For now we carry the “Bob Edwards Weekend Show”, “PRI The World”, “Living on Earth”, “My America with Travis Smiley” and occasional specials.

American Indian Radio on Satellite was the forerunner of the Native American Radio network. KIDE was one of the first member stations. AIROS proudly served Native and non-Native stations with high quality Native programming. It was the first home of the daily live call-in program, Native America Calling. AIROS continues to offer quality programs and events. They produce and co-produce Native American Film and Video. They highlight achievements of Native producers and actors, singers, musicians and artists. AIROS is a good friend to all. Enjoy.