2016 09 13 Health Matters Disability Identity

This is Health Matters, reporting on disability issues. The disabled have a lot to deal with in life, including identity questions. For example, how is permanent impairment experienced by those with disabilities? How is it experienced by those who are not disabled? “…how the disabled see themselves is crucial when it comes to how they manage their impairment. How society perceives and treats the disabled plays a large role in how well the disabled prosper. Creating a meaningful life when you have a disability requires courage and self respect.”

Health Matters is a production of KIDE Hoopa CA.  Produced and written by Cynthia Poten. Engineered by Joseph Orozco. Our readers were Kristen Marshall, David Moon and Joseph Orozco.  For this audio and more information, visit our download area at  www.kidefm.org. Thank you for listening. Your health adds to the health of our community.



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