April 16 2016 HVTC General Meeting part 1

This is the first of five segments of the live edited recordings of the April 16, 2016 General meeting of the Hoopa Valley Tribe.  The edits were technical to omit audio glitches and to edit in missing audio from different devises, and to omit segments where audience members could not be clearly understood.  The tribal IT provided a YouTube broadcast and have posted the sessions on the Hoopa Valley Tribal website.  No live call-in service was provided.

In this first part we hear the introduction of the broadcast by station manager Joseph Orozco.  Manuel Warrior Sanchez introduces Bill Carpenter for the opening Prayer.  Manuel makes announcement and give ground rules for the meeting.  Chairman Ryan Jackson welcomes the people and makes announcement regarding Tribal Education update and gives an overview of the day’s agenda. The Chairman presents the State of the Tribe:  listed here are items not having later presentations: ; new Humboldt County Sheriff’s agreement; Federal Deputized Law Enforcement plans; Tribal Criminal Code development; Economic development considerations such as, Olive orchard proposal, Solar Panel plant proposal, Ammunition plant, Carbon Credits, Timber Sales, Tribal Planning Department, Tish Tang Campground development, and skate park.  Went to break:  First segment comments by Station Manager.