Radio is a business. KIDE is in the business of promoting Social Justice and advocating Environmental Justice. We provide the community with important information that allows people to make better choices. We provide a means to voice concern about people, place and safety. We build community one voice at a time.

Our donors have made the choice to support our work. Every donation received releases other funds to address further issues and needs. Local businesses can partially underwrite our broadcast time; or a business, organization or individual can partially underwrite the costs of any of our programs. Regardless of your choice you are assisting us to provide important information to our community. Together we are building community.

What is Underwriting? As a non-commercial educational license “Underwriting” is a way you, and businesses can help support our efforts to inform, educate and entertain the community.  As opposed to the role of “commercial” media that promotes the sale of products and services to you, KIDE tries to give you important information that allows you to make knowledgeable choices. Large companies spend large amounts of money to promote their products on commercial media.  Companies seldom spend large amounts of money to foster knowledgeable choices.  Non-commercial media fosters community values. Knowledge is valuable.  Sharing quality information costs as much money as promoting products.  We depend on the community, foundations and to some extent businesses to underwrite our efforts to do good, to help us address a better quality of life.

What financial assistance does KIDE receive?  The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council financially assists KIDE with free building space, indirect support services and by paying the wages of two core managers using State Gaming Funds in the amount of $116,847.63.  Under the Corporation for Public Broadcasting KIDE receives an annual funds based on the amount local donations received.  This is called a Community Service Grant Award. KIDE is awarded $195,516.  This year we received from the American Rescue Fund $204,970. And we earned fees for our services from various agencies $32,000.  As we receive more local donations and we earn more underwriting support our CPB award will increase accordingly.



Tribal Council/ KIDE Board of Directors

  • Joe Davis, Tribal Chairman and KIDE Board Chairman
  • Everette Colegrove, Tribal Vice Chairman and KIDE Board Vice Chairman
  • Danny Jordan, Member
  • Ben Branham, Member
  • Jill Sherman-Warren, Member
  • Jordan Hailey, Member
  • Issacs Bussell, Member
  • Elizabeth, Liz, Turner, Member

KIDE Managerial Staff

Phone: 530-625-4245. For email contacts go to select person in down menu.

  • Michael Heminger, Station Operations Manager. Under Direct Supervision of the Tribal Chairman