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Labor Day holiday

Hoopa Valley Tribal offices are observing the Labor Day, a national holiday

Native America Calling

Today September 5 — Native creation and use of color From the rich colors used in Navajo weaving to all


Monday Night Market

Today is another Monday Night Market, sponsored by the Klamath Trinity Resource Conservation District, Hoopa.  The Market runs from 5

Schools Open

The Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District campuses open today. Please contact your attending school site for more information.  The

Native America Calling

Today, September 6– Addressing the nation’s mental health crisis As the nation’s mental health crisis worsens, Native American youth are

Native America Calling

Today, September 7– The inability to provide clean drinking water in America The failed water treatment system in Jackson, Miss.

LPA hearing Consultation Policy

Your comments are welcome on the proposed Consultation Policy routed through the LPA process.  The public meeting is today in

Native America Calling

Today, September 8– Sweat equity: building your own home A number of Native DIY-ers are taking on what is traditionally

Virtual Meeting-Land Use Planning

For those living off-reservation who missed the in-person Land Use meetings, here is the link to a virtual Hoopa Planning

Native America Calling

Today, September 9– Honoring the top Native Hip Hop artists TheRA11N, Pooky G, She Rōz, and Sten Joddi are some