Carbon Credit Information Sites

carbon1The websites in this list are meant to provide information about the Carbon Credit Program. We hope it clarifies what are carbon credits, what the CA State Carbon Credit Program is, and some public opinion for and against the program in general. Thank you for your attention.


IEN Draft Recommendations to California REDD Offsets Working Group

Indigenous Peoples speak out against California’s carbon offsets scheme: “You cannot trade pollution for nature”

Forests, Carbon Markets and Hot Air: Why the Carbon Stored in Forests Should not be Traded

California’s global warming trading scheme could endanger indigenous forest peoples

NGOs Square Off Over REDD in California

California Air Resources Board – Compliance Offset Program

Mother Jones – And Now, the Case Against a Carbon Tax

Yahoo Answers – Carbon credits: for or against?

Choices Magazine – Paying for Avoided Deforestation – Should We Do It?

Six Arguments Against Carbon Trading

Economic arguments for and against a carbon tax

Initiative: Carbon-credit dollars for timber lots

Big Lands Brazil – REDD+ Carbon Credit

Harvesting the Benefits of Carbon “Sinks”

Environmental Movement – Article by David Walls

Friends of the Earth and Sierra Club urge CARB to get clearcutting out of cap and trade

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth-US, Sierra Club California and 24 other environmental organisations oppose REDD offsets in California’s cap-and-trade scheme