Friday Edition – Whole Interview with Melodie Moore

In this series of Friday Edition programs we talk with Melodie Moore, Spiritual Woman of the Hupa Tribe. In this time of COVID-19 and our Tribal Shelter-in-place order we thought it may be helpful to ask our Spiritual Woman about other times we experienced similar illnesses or times that had changing effects on our lives. The five curious thought we had were:

I am curious to hear statements of well being to lift the spirits of the community in these times.

I am curious to hear encouraging stories of how we overcame other threatening situations

I am curious to hear your views, your dreams for our community in ways that pulls us together as citizens sharing a common life.

How best can we rebuild our community as we start to see there just may be a new normal coming at us, again?

What message would you like to send to your students as they experience these changes in their lives?

In her reply, she said she doubted she could give us this information in 25 minutes. I said, take as much time as you need and we will edited the discussion in segments.

This is the 3 edited parts in one longer audio file. Enjoy.