Jordan Cove LNG Project

What is the Jordan Cove LNG Project?

  • 230 mile, 36 in diameter, Liquefied Natural Gas pipeline

  • Jordan Cove Project is owned by Veresen, a Canadian Company

  • Using all Russian Steel to construct the pipeline, not American

  • Will run through 400 streams and waterways including underneath the Klamath River, Rogue River, and Coos Bay

  • First fracked Gas Export Terminal on the west coast-Located at Coos Bay, Oregon

  • 7.4 billion dollar project so it’s twice the size of the DAPL(Dakota Access Pipeline)

  • All of the natural gas being exported will going to be sold to companies in Asia, Japan already having an agreement with Jordan Cove

Why should we care?

  • Pipeline would run through traditional tribal lands and burial sites of the Yurok, Hoopa, Karuk, Modoc and Klamath Tribes of Northern California and Southern Oregon

    • “We live on 10,000 year old ancestral land along the Trinity River, which is a tributary of the Klamath River. What effects the Klamath effects us.” -Thomas Joseph- Hoopa

  • 80 miles of old growth forest will have to be clear cut for the pipeline

    • 8 of those acres are home to endangered spotted owls

  • 300 landowners will have the pipeline running through their property with the use of eminent domain

  • Pipeline comes as close as 200 ft from the front door of some of these residents

  • A “leak” with a LNG pipeline would be an explosion with a 600 ft blast radius

  • 50ft. on both sides of the pipeline has to be cleared to ensure that a wildfire won’t heat up the pipe

  • Several miles of the pipeline will run through recent wildfire areas

  • It is estimated that 2 tankers per week would be needed to maintain the LNG in the pipeline

    • Tankers would be crossing frequent migration areas of up to 7 species of endangered whales, including the Grey Whale in their route to and from Japan

      • This will spike the level of ship strikes in the whale population

What can we do?

  • This project is in the “pre-application” phase, so the best thing we can do is raise our voice and let the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) & the Jordan Cove project know that we Do NOT support LNG!!

  • Write an E-comment to FERC as an individual HERE and contact FERC as an organization you need to use E-filing  HERE

    • Must register to comment on FERC’s website

    • Jordan Cove LNG’s docket numbers are CP13-483-000 and CP13-492-000  look them up and select the docket numbers individually in the comments section

    • FERC is responsible for the approval of all Natural Gas Pipelines and Export Terminals.

    • FERC used the lack comments on the FERC website concerning Dakota Access Pipeline as an excuse for approving the Dakota Access Pipeline on the Standing Rock Sioux’s 1851 treaty land. We need to make sure we don’t let them use that excuse again.

  • Contact Jordan Cove Project HERE

  • Sign Klamath River Keepers Petition HERE

  • Learn about and Support the 7th Generation fund HERE

  • Learn about and Support Rogue Climate HERE

  • Print/edit this NO LNG resolution, or create your own, to get local groups/organizations to endorse HERE

  • Contact everybody that you know in Canada to divest from the corporations invested in this project

History of this Project

  • The Jordan Cove Project was denied by the federal government twice in 2016

    • Once in March and again in December. The denial was based on the lack of jobs available to Oregon citizens on the project, the encroachment of over 300 private landowner’s properties and the inability to find a international buyer for fracked gas.

    • The denials were based on the fact that the risks outweigh the benefits.

      • As the price of gas has dropped and the lack of international buyers the 7.4 Billion dollar project just wasn’t worth the invasive environmental process and the encroachment of so many citizens land rights.

      • Less than a third of the 3,500 temporary jobs are required to be filled by Oregon residents and none of the 200 permanent jobs are required to be filled by Oregonians.