The Asphalt Files

asphalt1In an effort to share information about the current Asphalt Plant issue we offer the listed materials. There are questions asked. There are Industrial Papers in support of the Asphalt business. There are documents from Health and Environment research addressing standards and safety issues. There is material and connections from other communities that both successfully and unsuccessfully kept an asphalt plant from being built. There are local documents and information that hs appeared in Hoopa about the Tide Water Asphalt Plant. We hope this information helps the community to better understand what is being presented and be confident that an informed decision is made.

Section 1 – Local Input

1.1 My asphalt plant operation questions – Joe Orozco


Section 2 – Asphalt Industry Documents and Websites

2.1 America Rides On Us – Asphalt

2.2 bat_update_version2007 European Asphalt Paving Association guidelines

2.3 Asphalt Mixture Plant Operations

2.4 The Benefit of Using Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP)

2.5 Preventing Pollution at Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

2.6 Federal Register EPA National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

2.7 CDC Hazard Review – Health Effects of Occupational Exposure to Asphalt


Section 3 – Health and Safety Studies

3.1 Health Consultation – Exposure Investigation – Indian Wells and the Brimhall Sand and Gravel Company Site

3.2 EPA Hot Mix Asphalt Plant Emissions Assessment Report

3.3 Asphalt Plants Contaminants of Concern – Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

3.4 Be Safe Asphalt Plant Pollution – 4 Principles

3.5 Hot Mix Asphalt Emissions – Department of Environmental Quality – Western Oregon

3.6 Asphalt Plants Factsheet – Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

3.7 Evaluation of Exposure From the Former Valley Asphalt Production Site – Health Consultation

3.8 Concise International Chemical Assessment Document #59 – Asphalt


Community Viewpoints

4.1 Comments on the Dutra Asphalt Plant EIR, Revised Project II

4.2 Stop the New Dutra Asphalt Plant in Petaluma

4.3 Critics of Petaluma Asphalt Plant Proposal Seek Rehearing – Press Democrat Article

4.4 From June 9 2009 News Transcript

4.5 These sites linked to the Kunda Park, Australia Informational Website

4.6 Excerpt from Hoopa Roads Department HVTC IDT Planning Strategy, Business Plan 2014

4.7 Relief from Asphalt Plant Odor – Press Release

4.8 Two Rivers Tribune Asphalt Articles