YA’XOTCHI’XOLIK – (People Telling Stories)

pic9.jpgYA’XOTCHI’XOLIK is the Hupa word for “People Telling Stories”. Sponsored by KIDE, it has been different each year, shaped by those who come to share their stories and life experiences.

Pictured here is me at the 2009 event adjusting the microphone for my Dad who was at the age 96 and a half years.  This was his last appearance at Ya’Xotchi’Xolik yet people today remember his shared story moments of his life.

The past few years we changed venues.  2015 was held at the Youth Center and co-hosted by the Hoopa High School and Elementary School.  Forty-five people attended.  2016 we moved to the Tswenaldin Motel Conference Room.  This was a story in itself as the motel double booked the room.  Our crew had everything set up.  I arrived with an assortment of Subway sandwiches with all the fixins.  It was far more than we could eat.  The other group booked was the Housing Authority Board and guests.  A council member opened the Council Chambers for the Housing Board.  We sent them off with plates of sandwiches, chips and drinks.

The Housing Board guest had her family in tow.  Her husband and three children remained with us to hear and share stories.  Everyone was happy.  The 2015 reigning Miss Na:tinixwe, Jessica McCovey  was on hand to give beaded wrist bracelets made by the Hoopa After School students to everyone who shared a story or two.  Everyone received a KIDE 35th Anniversary bracelet.

Unfortunately we did not take pictures or recordings at this event.  But you can click on the links below to view photos from previous years events.


Click on the links below to view photos and articles from previous years events.