Youth & Truth on Addition Part 4

Y&T on Addition, Part 4 The Effect of Drugs on the Brain

Youth & Truth on Addition was a project series initiated by a Fellowship through the USC Anneberg Center for Health Journalism. The project was entered under and produced as part of the KIDE Health Matters programming, 2019. The Lead producer and Writer was Cynthia Poten and the Engineer and Post Production was by Joseph Orozco. The interviews were mixed into 5-minute Health Matters features.  Six such features ran on KIDE. The Pacifica Radio series, Sprouts, requested we mix them a 29-minute program to run on Sprouts. 237 Pacifica Radio Affiliate stations ran that Sprouts Edition.

Later 500 books containing all the interviews and a list of all the questions asked was published by the Kimaw Community Coalition. Copies were distrusted to all the students and faculty that took part, and to all local and school libraries. Also, to Tribal Departments and the remaining went to the Community Coalition to distribute.