10-10-2015 General Meeting part 6

This is part six of six of the October 10, 2015 General meeting of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. It was recorded from the Neighborhood Facilities Gym. In this segment telephone calls are addressed. The first call regarded Per Capita payments in the future. An audience query referred to addiction in Hoopa and Hoopa Forest Industry workers low pay. The Chairman responds. Another caller brings up the condition of the Hoopa High School. The Hoopa Youth Council responds to the Youth Center being moved. Another caller questions the moral responsibility of allowing alcohol sales at the convenient store, (Mini Mart). Audience address points made in the findings of the previous General Meeting regarding the role of Tribal Law Enforcement. The Chairman responds to the above referring to plans in the making to take law enforcement development in steps. A point raised on the need to conduct an evacuation plan exercise. More discussion on PL-280, law enforcement, water systems, OES and Youth. The meeting closes with words by Councilman Shane McCullough.


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