2012 07 20 Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

2012 07 20 Sitting Kills Moving HealsSitting Kills, Moving Heals, by Joan Vernikos, Ph.D.

This is an excellent book. A long believer of the benefits of physical fitness I had no idea of how Earth’s gravity can be used to be even more beneficial to one’s longevity. Dr. Joan Vernikos wrote this book about her studies of the physically recovery process astronauts undergo once back on Earth. It is an easy read, not too scientific. It makes plain sense.

One thing I learned is that simply standing up is a gravity defying act. Standing up at least 16 times a day can help to maintain body health. But, of course you must read the book to know why you can not just get up and down 16 times in a row. The other thing I learned is that if I were inclined to do space travel it would be a one way trip. The physical impact on the body upon returning to Earth’s gravity is something I wouldn’t want to go through.

2012 07 20 Sitting Kills Moving Heals